Making hard to reach alternative investments available to everyone

Now YOU can invest and become a shareholder in the company aiming to take a piece of the $53T U.S. Equity Market*

Minimum investment $1,000. No limit for accredited investors.
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“We believe that the best investments shouldn’t be solely for the privileged few. Regardless of wealth, knowledge, skill, or location, anyone should be afforded the opportunity to benefit from a variety of wealth creating opportunities.”
Matt Belcher
Co-Founder and CEO

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Celebrity Shareholders


Songwriter & Lead Guitarist of Imagine Dragons

“I am proud to be a CalTier investor”


NBA Superstar

“I am proud to be a shareholder of a winning organization like CalTier”


CalTier is building a retail investor community by providing access to hard to reach investments starting with multi-family real estate. The Retail Investor market is estimated to be valued at over $3T.**


According to CBRE’s 2022 Market Outlook, “The multifamily sector is set for a record-breaking 2022 amid solid fundamentals and heightened investor interest.” — This represents 95%+ forecasted occupancy levels, 300k+ new units, and 10%+ increase in investment volume in 2022.
Source: CBRE

Expected Originations


According to Pitchbook data, crowdfunding went from $8.61 Billion in 2020 to $113.52 Billion in 2021 – a 1,021% increase.
Source: Pitchbook

Total US Equity Market

Target Market size of $3T


Minimum investment $1,000. No limit for accredited investors.
View Offering Memorandum


0 +
users on our platform and growing
apartment units invested into with our partners***
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User growth between March 2021 and 2022****

Investment Incentives & Bonuses

Time-Based Incentives & Bonuses

Invest during the following time periods of our 30 day offering period and you’ll receive additional shares of Nonvoting Common Stock as ‘bonus shares’ for no additional cost.*

Days 1-3 : Receive 25% additional common shares
Completed 4/4 @ 2:30pm PDT

Days 4-7: Receive 20% additional common shares
Completed 4/8 @ 2:30pm PDT

Days 8-14: Receive 15% additional common shares
Completed 4/15 @ 2:30pm PDT

Days 15-21: Receive 10% additional common shares
Completed 4/22 @ 2:30pm PDT

Days 22-30:  Receive 5% additional common shares
Completed 4/30 @ midnight PDT

Investment Amount Incentives & Bonuses

Invest over the following amounts, and you will receive additional bonus shares. These bonuses will be included on top of the time based incentives shown in the prior section:

Invest Over $25,000:
Receive another additional 5% common shares.

Invest Over $100,000:
Receive another additional 10% common shares plus an all-expenses-paid trip for two to CalTier’s headquarters in beautiful San Diego, CA to meet the CalTier team!

Minimum investment $1,000. No limit for accredited investors.
View Offering Memorandum

Terms of Our Offering

Minimum Investment Amount: $1,000 (200 Shares)
Purchase Price of Security Offered: $5.00

Type of Security Offered:  Nonvoting Common Stock

Offering Closes: April 30, 2022


Our fund has made eight fractional investments with partners which includes eight multi-family and student housing assets across five states. This totals 1,200 ‘doors’ and growing. The fund has already made returns to investors.


CalTier, is a disruptive FinTech investment platform seeking $5 million of additional funding to support the growth of the company. Funds will be used to:

  • Launch additional real estate portfolio funds
  • Expand our investment platform integrating blockchain and best in class mobile access
  • Expand our market to reach investors globally
  • Provide working capital to expand the team
  • Offer other alternative investment opportunities not generally available to the everyday investor


Matt Belcher CEO & Co Founder
Parker Smith COO & Co Founder
Travis Hook CIO & Co Founder
James Jones SVP Investor Relations
Ryan Frank SVP Digital
Darryl Self SVP Real Estate Development

Strategic Advisors

Sabrina Covington Broker Real Estate
Richard McCay Finance
Paul Quilkey Asset Management
Robert Hasler Banking

Offering Closes on April 30th!

Don’t miss your chance to invest and become a shareholder in the company behind the real estate funds!

Minimum investment $1,000. No limit for accredited investors.
View Offering Memorandum


*Investors who qualify to receive “bonus shares” will receive an amount rounded up to the nearest whole share. The Company will not issue fractional shares.

**US Equities market 2021 was valued at $53T. It is estimated at least 23% of this is ‘retail investors’.

***Includes fractional interest in real estate for which we are not the manager.

****Number of users grew from 159 in March 2021 to 5,048 in March 2022.